The region of Anoia, in the center of Catalonia, consists of a natural environment with rivers, forests, trails and many spectacular places to discover. Along with the historical heritage of the area, a surprising combination is formed where you can spend a few days disconnecting and resting. Let yourself be immersed in natural, legendary and traditional environments, which are sure to surprise you. In addition, we offer attractive pastimes and activities of all kinds to complete your stay in the area, any day of the week, from nature and culture to sports and leisure. We would also like to point out that our hotel reception is an official tourist information point.

The region, with its proximity of mountains and natural parks, allows you to enjoy the many activities that the Anoia area provides, including events such as the “Rec.0” (pop-up stores, food trucks & live music) and the “Anoia Folk” (traditional music festival), as well as hiking excursions to gorges of great beauty, adventure sports, cultural visits and a whole range of enotourism to the vineyards and wineries of the Anoia and Penedès regions


The Claramunt Castle

Claramunt Castle is the main architectural, historical and tourist attraction of La Pobla. Dating from the 10th century, it is located on top of a 461-meter hill from which there is a magnificent view of the natural surroundings. Belonging to the heritage of the Generalitat (the Catalan government), it is one of the ten best castles in Catalonia and the jewel of the Anoia region. The climb takes about half an hour on foot, with an easy, pleasant and entertaining route, and presents no problem to enjoy with children.

Castell de Claramunt


The Tous Fou

The Fou is a waterfall in the Tous stream that is located on the property of Aubareda, the oldest farmhouse in the region. In its course, this waterfall creates a series of pools and streams that together form a wet spot in the middle of a dry-land like Tous. A series of legends run around the Fou, based mainly on the large number of caves that the water has formed over time in the rocks.

The Cabrera Waterfalls

In the village of Cabrera, next to the Alt Penedès region, we find a group of waterfalls that are not so well known and are truly a little wonder. They are located in the torrent of the Bleda, a stream that goes from Canaletes to Bedorc. The waters have worked uninterruptedly sculpting a set of waterfalls of great beauty. The “Salt del Cargol” (snail waterfall) is, without a doubt, one of the most magical elements of this stream.

The Nafre Gorge

The outing to the “Gorg de Nafre” in Copons is a pleasant and easy walk suitable for everyone. A short walk along a pretty flat path that ends at a waterfall about 4 meters high with a pool below, where you can cool off.

Santa Càndia

In the municipality of Orpi, we find the gorges of Saint Càndia. In this spot, the Carme stream traces a very special route immersed in the middle of the rock, cut by the same force of the water and its sediments that form a series of pools of water that are ideal for bathing and as an initiation to canyoning.


Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades

Capellades Paper-mill Museum

Located in an old paper mill of the 18th century, called Molí de la Vila, next to the “Bassa”, a natural source from which sprung a flow of 12 million liters per day. Its energy was used for the operation of the 16 paper mills that existed back in those times. Here you can learn about the artisanal process of making paper since its origins.

Igualada Leather Museum

Installed in an old cotton textile factory, Cal Boyer, it offers an exhibition of the world of leather: leather in history, its production, unity and cultural significance of leather in our Mediterranean civilization.

Igualada Train Museum - Railhome BCN

A privately owned museum that shows an impressive collection related to the world of railways, both real and miniature, including a large scale H0 model in the style of the large models that can be visited in central Europe. Leisure and railway culture combined in a unique space of more than 500 m2

Prehistoric Park of Capellades - The NEAN

Situat dins l’espai anomenat la Cinglera del Capelló, una àrea de gran valor geològic i paisatgístic, i de gran vàlua arqueològica per la presència d’una vintena de jaciments de diverses èpoques.


European Ballon Festival

European Ballon Festival

The international hot air balloon rally in July, brings together more than 50 balloons from around the world. It is a competition and a hot air balloon festival, combining the fun aspect of flight with the beauty and spectacularity of this sport.