Founded and directed since day one by the Robert family, it is currently run by the fourth generation and is an establishment with a classic and comfortable essence, where the staff and the rooms make the customer feel at home.

From the beginning of 1900 there was in La Pobla de Claramunt the Hostal Vell, a business run by my grandmother, Teresita Riba, stepmother of my father Esteve Robert Vilamasana, who married my grandfather Josep Robert Seuba. He was a hauler by profession, an old acquaintance and client of the hostel. After 10 years, they decided to buy a plot of land to build a hotel that opened in May 1935, with a success of customers.

Until July 1936, when the civil war broke out. All the good progress of the business was seized by the army in order to transform the hotel into a headquarters, under the command of Colonel Sarabia. It was not until 1939 that it belonged to my grandfather again. The post-war years saw many sorrows, due to misery, looting and rationing, until the end of the year 1940, when things gradually returned to normal. Changing over the years the usual customers, haulers for trucks going from the north of the peninsula, as well as the Seu d’Urgell and Andorra, to commercial travelers and other visitors. The summers were filled by holiday makers, especially from Barcelona.

In 1982 we refurbished the hotel and dining rooms, fitting bathrooms in all 36 bedrooms and building the pool and tennis court. Through the years we have renovated, making the rooms more comfortable, expanding the dining rooms and paddle tennis court.


One of the characteristics that makes us stand out are our values, which have been passed down from generation to generation since the establishment opened.

Our aim is to ensure the comfort and well-being of our customers and, with this in mind, our staff will make you feel right at home. We would also like to highlight our climate responsibility and our need to contribute by carrying out a selective collection of the waste we generate, offering and working exclusively with recycled paper, having solar panels for heating and hot water and always supporting local trade and businesses.


We have wonderful corners and spaces both indoors and outdoors for enjoying with friends, family or co-workers.


Enjoy a marvelous outdoor space, in a quiet setting where you can have lunch and dinner al fresco or have a drink with friends. Family celebrations, social and business gatherings can also be held on our terrace.

Outdoor swimming pool

Hotel Robert has a seasonal outdoor pool, with an exclusive chill-out area for our guests, both adults and children. During the summer, hotel guests can enjoy and cool off in the pool in a natural setting, overlooking Claramunt castle.

Break & meeting room

A quiet space and well connected with the rest of the hotel’s facilities. Located on the first floor, with natural light, ideal for small meetings or activities in reduced groups, ensuring tranquility and privacy.

Paddle tennis court

A fantastic paddle court is available to guests, to enjoy and have fun with friends, work colleagues or family, in an excellent environment where once the activity is over, you can have a drink on our terrace.

For more information:

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